Kashmiri Expatriates In Japan To Observe Feb 5 As Kashmir Solidarity Day


Kashmiri expatriates in Japan to observe Feb 5 as Kashmir Solidarity Day

MIRPUR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Jan, 2023 ) : Jan 28 (APP) ::Japan-based Kashmir Solidarity Forum (KSFJ) Chairman Barrister Shahid Majeed Sheikh said that February 5 will be observed as Kashmir Solidarity Day in Japan to express solidarity with Kashmiri people and to condemn Indian occupational forces' atrocities in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).

Talking to APP via phone from Tokyo on Saturday, he said that India's illegal occupation has created an alarming situation in IIOJK where innocent people were being killed every day by the Indian forces which failed to curb Kashmiris' voice for freedom.

He continued that on February 5, Kashmiri expatriates in Japan will submit a resolution from the platform of KSFJ to the United Nations Representative Office in Tokyo to remind the UN of its pledge made to the people of Kashmir, accepting their right of self-determination. "A similar resolution will also be submitted to the Indian Embassy in Tokyo," he added He said India has been trying to enforce its aggressively-hostile agenda in the entire region and the entire world clearly knows India's frustrated efforts for establishing its so-called supremacy in South Asia.

Barrister Majeed said the heinous designs of the Indian government to maintain its illegal hold on Jammu and Kashmir has put the safety and future of South Asia at stake.

KSFJ Chairman said that Kashmiris had been fighting for their birthright for the last seven decades and would continue the independence movement till it reached its logical conclusion.

He said that Kashmiris around the Line of Control and around the world observe February 5 every year as Kashmir Solidarity Day to renew their pledge for their struggle for independence.

He said the Kashmiri people would never accept India's occupation of their land. New Delhi, human rights organizations and major powers should realize the ground reality and resolve the ongoing conflict in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Barrister Majeed expressed concern that the situation in IIOJK was getting worse with each passing day and Kashmiri people's quest for freedom was gaining momentum consistently. He said the day was not far when people in IIOJK would get their legitimate right to freedom.

He said that India presents itself as a so-called champion of human rights, while the fascist Modi government is inflicting immense atrocities on the minorities living in India and is bent on changing the proportion of the population in Kashmir.

He said that more than one million Indian occupying forces have put eight million Kashmiris under siege and made the occupied territories the largest prison in the world.

"Despite all these inhuman acts, India has not been able to dampen the determined spirit of freedom-loving Kashmiri people", asserted KSFJ Chairman.