'Kashmiris Struggling For Freedom, Defence Of Pakistan'


'Kashmiris struggling for freedom, defence of Pakistan'

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : Kashmiris are not only struggling for their freedom but also fighting for the defence of Pakistan. These views were expressed by speakers at a gathering on the Defence Day of Pakistan, organised by Kashmir Centre Lahore on Tuesday.

Member Legislative Assembly Ghulam Mohiyuddin said while addressing the gathering that Kashmiri migrants living in Pakistan were playing their role for the development and defence of Pakistan. He said that India had become weaker due to the failed efforts of crushing the freedom passion of the people of occupied valley.

Another member Nasir Hussain Dar said that freedom movement of Kashmir would be strong if defence of Pakistan was strong.

"Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir," he added. Sardar Sajid Mehmood paid homage to the Pakistan Army for protecting ideological and geographical frontiers of the country and sacrificing lives for the defence of the nation.

PML-N Women Wing Punjab President Begum Zarqa Javaid said that Pakistan and its people live in the hearts of Kashmir and the people of occupied Kashmir received bullets on their chests for their freedom. The speakers including Mirza Jarral, Sadiq Jarral, Abdul Aziz Shigri also addressed the ceremony.