Khizar Hayat Not Committed Suicide: Parents


Khizar Hayat not committed suicide: Parents

The parents of BZU student Khizar Hayat who allegedly committed suicide a few days ago in classroom rejected the notion that he killed himself

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Sep, 2019 ) :The parents of BZU student Khizar Hayat who allegedly committed suicide a few days ago in classroom rejected the notion that he killed himself.

Addressing a press conference at Multan Press Club on Tuesday, deceased's father Allah Buksh, brothers Ghulam Yasin, Muhammad Yameen, Umer Farooq and others refused to accept BZU administration's stance that Khizar Hayat committed suicide because he wanted to get admission in a private university of Lahore and owing to financial issues he could not.

They said that on September 11, they received information from BZU Director Students Affairs school of Economics Prof Rashid Ahmed that they should immediately reach Nishtar Hospital as their son, Khizar had consumed poisonous pills in classroom.

Later, deceased's half uncle who was living in the city reached the hospital, they said and added that BZU admin forced him to write down a statement then Khizar's treatment would begin and he did so.

They said that as soon as they reached hospital, their son after meeting his mother passed away.

Following the day, they came to know through media reports that their son committed suicide for failing to get admission to a private university of Lahore for financial constraints which they categorically rejected.

They alleged that memory card of the mobile phone of Khizar was missing and Whatapp data was also delated when DSA Prof Rashid handed it over to them.

Deceased's father Allah Buksh informed that when they investigated the reasons behind his son's death from the his class fellow and other sources, they came to know that a visiting faculty member Rizwan Sandila was harassing deceased class fellow named Aden and as Class Representative he tried to stop the teacher from doing it, he started pressurizing Khizar mentally.

The deceased's cousin, Muhammad Yousuf told in the press conference that Khizar had shared him the whole story, adding that he had complained of it to Chairman School of Economics, Dr Imran Sharif but he did not listen to him.

They alleged that DSA, Prof Rashid, Chairman Dr Imran Sharif and Rizwan Sandila had mixed the pills in some edible which resulted in Khizar's death.

Alpa Police were also reluctant to lodge FIR against university teachers, they said.

When approached, BZU Resident Officer (RO), Dr Rehan Sadiq Shaikh brushed aside the allegations levelled by Khizar's heirs, saying that's why teachers would give pill to him. Do we sell wheat pills here? He questioned.

He informed that Prof Rizwan is a PhD scholar in Sociology in China, adding that he taught Khizar's class in second semester and now he was in third semester.

He had left for China for completion of his degree, RO informed.

He said all allegations labelled by Khizar heirs were baseless adding that he consumed one poisonous pill just to impress upon his female fellows while four more pills were recovered by his class fellows from his pocket on that day.

About cell phone data, he said that Khizar parents could get the forensic of it.

DSA Prof Rashid Took him to hospital in ambulance and the deceased stayed at Accident and Emergency Ward of Nishtar for about three hours after taking pill in the presence of his maternal uncle before his death.

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