Killings Of Women In Twin Cities Echo In National Assembly

Killings of women in twin cities echo in National Assembly

The National Assembly on Friday condemned the murders of Noor-e-Muqadam and Naseem Bibi in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, demanding exemplary punishment for those involved in he heinous crime

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th Jul, 2021 ) :The National Assembly on Friday condemned the murders of Noor-e-Muqadam and Naseem Bibi in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, demanding exemplary punishment for those involved in he heinous crime.

At the outset of the proceeding of the House, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Romina Khurshid Alam spoke on a point of order and raised the issues of murders of Noor Mukadam and Naseema Babi.

She said there was a need to look into the laws made for the protection of women as these are failed to guard them.

"I request all of you to sit together leaving behind party affiliation, and bring changes in the laws if needed to protect the women" she added.

She also condemned the attitude of the police official who asked the questions from Naseema Babi instead of taking her to the hospital for treatment.

MNA Shaheen Naz Saifullah (PTI) said that crimes against women are condemnable and demanded the Chair to constitute a committee for suggesting exemplary punishment to the people involved in such crimes.

PTI lawmaker Asma Qadeer got emotional while speaking on point of order and said "we have to provide protection to women and their killers should be given the exemplary punishment".

MMAP lawmaker Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said that Islamic laws guarantee protection to women. "We have to follow the Islamic laws which guarantees the protection of women", he added.

Dr. Shazia Sobia of PPPP suggested a resolution to express solidarity with victims.

She was of the view that implementation of the existing laws would be helpful to control such incidents.

State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said the government is a complainant in murder and rape cases against women and children and such acts are intolerable.

It was unfortunate that the laws passed for the safety of women had never been implemented, she said.

The minister said, first time Rs. 100 million was allocated in PSDP for anti-rape laws while more funds would be allocated for the implementation of the anti-rape laws.

She said that Islamabad police has set up Gender protection Units and anyone can make a call on 8090 for prompt help.

Talking about the cases of Noor Muqadam and Naseema Bibi, she said Prime Minister took the notice of all the cases and the culprits were time arrested.

PPPP MNA Shamim Ara Panhwar said that it was the responsibility of the State to provide protection to women and culprits should be given exemplary punishment.

PTI lawmaker Shunila Ruth said that all the political parties should sit together to devise a strategy to implement the laws.

PML-N MNA Mehnaz Akbar Aziz said that Noor Muqadam case should be tried in anti-terrorist court and speedy trial to be ensured.

Uzma Raiz from PTI said Islamic teachings should be followed to bring improvement in society.

Naseeba Chana (PPPP) said it was unfortunate that exemplary punishment has not been given to people involved in the killing of innocent women.

Nusrat Wahid from PTI said that awareness must be created among the young generation about the respect of women.

Shahid Akhtar Ali from MMAP said that laws passed by the parliament for the protection of women should be implemented.

PTI lawmaker Ghazala Safi said that women are 52 percent of the total population and without their safety, the country would not progress.

PML-N MNA Nosheen Iftikhar said that she can feel the pain of the mother of the Noor and suggested that a speedy trial should be conducted of the case.

Syma Nadeem said that a joint voice should be raised for the safety of women as it was the responsibility of all of us to jointly work for the welfare of women.

Shahid Ramani belonging to PTI said that the teaching of islam should be followed in its true spirit. "We have to follow Quran teaching and saying of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him".

Zille Huma said that it was unfortunate that punishment had not been given to people involved in the rape crime. She said the use of drugs in educational institutions is alarming.

Sajida Begum (PTI) said that a committee should be constituted to monitor schools and universities as there have been reports about the use of drugs by students.

Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari condemning the incident said that despite the laws, such incidents are happening in the country.

She said that the mindset of the people needed to be changed as only laws for the protection of women will not produce the desire results.

Sharing information of Noor Mukdum case she said " I was in touch with the family of Noor and Islamabad police was working in the right direction".

She said the parents of the accused had been also arrested and asked the media for responsible reporting about the incident.

She stressed the need to change society's mindset to combat incidents like Noor Mukadam. She said that women should be given due respect.

The speaker Qasim Khan Suri strongly condemned the incident and said this is a shameful incident and report should be tabled in the house.

Earlier, National Assembly offered Fateha for the victims of the electricity transformer blast in Hyderabad and Noor-e-Muqadam.