KP Dwellers Consume 110 Million Kgs Of Meat In Three Years, 15% Increase In Meat Eaters Registered Per Year


KP dwellers consume 110 million kgs of meat in three years, 15% increase in meat eaters registered per year

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Jan, 2021 ) :Dwellers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have consumed around 110 million kilograms of meat in three years by slaughtering about one million animals,reported by Statistics Bureau of Planning and Development Department.

In its annual report, Statistical Bureau disclosed that presently there were around 3,5632000 (35.6 million) animals out of which around 2,25,00000 (22.5 million) were poultry chicken in the province.

The report also disclosed that there were favorable prospects for investment in poultry and livestock sectors as the figures of meat eaters in the province is showing annual increase of 15 percent.

Consumers in KP were preferring beef over mutton mainly because of difference of price.

Giving a break up of the slaughtered animals in three years,the report divulged that it included 250,000 goats,220878 rams (sheep), 300,000 bulls and 310,000 buffaloes.

The report added that people in KP prefer to eat meat on every occasion while the number of eaters was also increasing by each year.

There were about 39 official abattoirs in the province while the average meat consumption by a family of eight members on weekly basis was estimated as 1.5 kilograms.

The report also observed the due to price hike and because of low purchasing power of consumers, drop is registered in utilization of mutton in the province.

For fulfilling of beef demand in the province,animals were brought from different districts of Punjab and Sindh provinces.