KP Food Authority Seizes 150kg China Salt, Spices, 200 Litres Expired Beverages


KP Food Authority seizes 150kg china salt, spices, 200 litres expired beverages

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Feb, 2021 ) :The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority (KPFSA) Tuesday seized 150 kg of substandard spices, china salt and 200 liters of expired beverages during crackdowns in different districts of the province.

According to the Food Safety Authority, various food-related businesses were inspected during the operation in Kohat, during which more than 200 litres of unhealthy beverages and 50 kg of Chinese salt and substandard spices were recovered.

Director Operations Food Safety Authority Dr Azmatullah Wazir said that two hotels in Lower Dir, Timargara, Blambat and Qaziabad were sealed due to poor hygiene conditions.

Similarly, 10 kg of unhealthy spices were recovered from shops during the operation in Mansehra while a bakery unit was sealed during the operation in Haripur.

Teams of Food department also conducted raids in Gogial, Sandal and Jagam Bazaar areas of Upper Dir, and more than 30 kg of unhealthy and expired food items were recovered from various shops, which were discarded on the spot.

According to the Food Safety Authority, more than 20 liters of unhealthy beverages were recovered during the inspection of food items in Upper Kurram Para Chinar.