KP Govt Increases A 100 Percent Sports Budget-2021-22, Says DG Sports KP


KP govt increases a 100 percent sports budget-2021-22, says DG Sports KP

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jun, 2021 ) :The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced a 100 percent increase in the Annual Budget-2021-22 for Sports as compared to last year, Director General Sports KP Asfandyar Khan Khattak told APP here on Sunday.

He said, last year, the annual budget for sports was Rs 2.1 billion which was 100 percent utilized.

In this year's budget, Rs 4.7 billion has been allocated for sports promotion and development of sports infrastructure in the province besides another Rs 2.7 billion has been allocated for Accelerated Integrated Program (AIP) in the merged district alongside another ADP of Rs. 700 million for sports promotion in the merged areas.

Asfandyar Khattak said that two new projects have also been included one of Rs. 3 billion for the construction and equipping each of the Union Council of KP with Playground facilities and Rs. 500 million allocated for developing grounds at Union Council level in merged areas, following the vision of the Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide playing facilities at UCs level.

The projects for which funds have been allocated include Rs 0.590 million for an international standard gymnasium in Abbottabad, Rs 775.120 million for playgrounds in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Rs 111.492 million for the construction of a sports complex in Rustam, Mardan district, Rs 5.900 million for rehabilitation and renovation of sports facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs 11.800 million for international standard indoor gymnasium in Nowshera district, Rs 1,184.150 million for completion of construction project of Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium in Peshawar, Rs. 232.800m for construction of Sports Complex Rs 141.612 million for hockey Astroturf at Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, Charsadda and Islamia College Peshawar, Rs 83.695 million for Athletics Tartan Track in Kohat, Dera Ismsil Khan and Bannu, Rs 2.950 million for upgrade of football ground at Peshawar Sports Complex, Rs 2.950 million for construction of swimming pool at Hayatabad Sports Complex, Rs 11,800 million for renovation and up-gradation of sports complexes at Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Haripur and Mardan, Rs 135,000 million for 1000 sports facilities project, Rs.50,000 million for sports activities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs.38.240 million for sports promotion and implementation and Rs.38.240 million for hockey Astroturf in Swat.

He said to provide equal opportunities to the female players of the province, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has given special attention and approved a grant of Rs. 14.880 million for Women Indoor Gymnasium with multiple Sports facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Asfandyar Khan Khattak said that work has already been kicked off for developing of such indoor sports facilities specifically for female in all Divisional Headquarters including merged areas so that it should be ensured equal sports facilities for the female players of the province as desired by Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan.

He said an added grant of Rs.

227.600 million allocated for developing female sports facilities across the province. He said Rs 80,000 million for squash promotion in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs 18,000 million for sports programs for talented players, Rs 25,500 million for construction of 2 Sports Stadiums, Rs 0.5 million for upgrading of Peshawar Sports Complex, Rs. 90 million and Rs. 2.950 million for construction of Cricket Stadiums including Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium, Hayatabad Cricket Stadium and an international cricket stadium in scenic Kalam, Rs. 19.000 million for establishment of sports city, Rs. 2.950 million for construction of world class indoor gymnasium in Buner, Rs. 16,000 million for up-gradation of Hayatabad Sports Complex, Rs 0.590 million for construction of Sports Complex in Tank, Rs 20,000 million for grooming of sports talent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs 45,000 million for rehabilitation and improvement of Swat Grassy Ground, Rs 100.00 million for feasibility study of sports Stadium in Tehkal Peshawar, Rs 267,000 million for construction of Karak Stadium and other facilities, Rs 0.590 million for construction of Sports Complex in Lakki Marwat, Rs 45,000 million for provision of sports equipment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, developing sports facilities in Union Council Pir Sabaq in Nowshera district and sports facilities in Pahari Kati Khel and Jahangira, Rs 2.950 million for construction of Complex, Rs 1.000 million for construction of Sports Complex in Chitral district and Rs 400,000 million for construction of playgrounds at Union Council level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Rs 0.001 million for playgrounds at Union Council level, Rs 46.172 million for improvement and construction of sports facilities in Khyber district, Rs 94.00 million for rehabilitation and construction of sports facilities in South Waziristan, sports facilities in Mohmand district, Rs.39.364 million for rehabilitation and construction of sports facilities, Rs.100.00 million for rehabilitation and construction of sports facilities in North Waziristan, Rs.79.659 crore for rehabilitation and construction of sports facilities in Bajaur district, Rs. 45,000 million for Inter-Schools for Boys and Girls of the integrated district competitions, Rs. 38.738 million for integrated districts for physical training institutes, Rs. 4.176 million for construction of mini sports stadium in Tank, Rs. 2.740 million for construction of sports complex in Ghandkai district and Orakzai, sports facilities in Peshawar sub-division, Rs.27.412 million for 'construction' sports and cultural activities, Rs.0.861 million for Boy Scouts activities in integrated districts, Rs.2295 million for improving and strengthening Olympic Associations in integrated districts, Sports Complex in Kohat sub-division, Rs 33.811 million has been allocated for cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, martial arts Games in merged areas and Rs 57.167 million has been allocated for construction of sports academies in Bajaur, and Tirah areas of the merged districts.