KP Youth Starts Benefiting From PM's Kamyab Jawan Program

KP youth starts benefiting from PM's Kamyab Jawan Program

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Nov, 2021 ) :The youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including seven merged tribal districts have started benefiting from the Prime Minister's Kamyab Jawan Program after obtaining soft loans for establishment of their businesses in different sectors and thus contributing in the process of national development. The beneficiaries of Kamyab Jawan program, who setup engineering and manufacturing, information technology, agriculture,food processing, livestock, food bakery, confectionery, catering, decorative services, beauty clinics, boutiques, mineral and gemstones etc have started earning substantial profits besides engaged skilled labourersfrom markets to expand their businesses. Mohsin Khan, Assistant Manager, Business Development SMEDA KP told APP on Monday that Kamyab Jawan was a land mark program of the Federal Government launched throughout the country including KP and its beneficiaries started earning a substantial profit in different sectors after obtaining soft loans in three different categories. Targeting 68 percent of youth of total 220 million population of Pakistan under 30 years of age, he said SMEDA has increased business plans up to 250 under the Kamyab Jawan Program to help encourage youth of Pakistan to establish their own business and play constructive role in the country's development process. The youth of KP Including seven merged tribal districts are showing overwhelming interests in Kamyab Jawan Program, and that its beneficiaries were showing highly encouraging results int heir selected business plans, which was a matter of great satisfaction for us. SMEDA has been tasked mainly with an advisory role in the implementation of the Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan scheme by taking a lead role in developing business plans."Kamyab Jawan Program is for every Pakistani aged between 18-45 years and are eligible for its different loans schemes," he said, adding 25 percent loans are for women entrepreneurs." In first category, loans from Rs100,000 to Rs1 million are being provided to beneficiaries while Rs1 million to Rs 10 million in second category and Rs 10 million to Rs 25 million in third category.Muhammad Naeem, Assistant Professor,Economics Department, University of Swabi told APP that PM's Kamyab Jawan Program was a landmark initiative of the Federal Government that was going to bring revolution in entrepreneurship sector in Pakistan.

He said the beneficiaries were significantly contributing in industrial productivity, domestic production and increasing the country's exports besides boosting inflow of foreign remittances.Kamyab Jawan Skills Scholarship Programme (Hunarmand Pakistan) has been launched with a huge budget of Rs10billion envisaging a comprehensive reforms agenda in skills training sector of Pakistan. More than, 170,000 young Pakistanis are being imparted training in 720 educational and vocational institutes across the country including KP while 100high-tech skill centres would be established to modernise skills sector for youth.National Accreditation Council (NAC) has been established to accredit 2,000 institutes while 400 institutes were already accredited for achieving international standards in skills based education.

Dr Naeem said software exports under the PTI Government have witnessed fastest growth, which is likely to earn approximately $2 billion revenues in the current fiscal year.

Skill scholarship training Programme is enabling a large number of youth to participate in this growing sector through becoming freelancers as well as providing skilled manpower for already established technology companies and firms.The skill training programmes have been designed to closely align with needs of CPEC projects and NAVTTC, under the umbrella of the Kamyab Jawan, designed a CPEC-specific job portal where the skills profiles of those trained through Kamyab Jawan are available for employers of CPEC related projects.Under skills scholarship Programme (Hunarmand Pakistan), about100 centres of high-tech skills training would be established and to be equipped with all modern facilities such as smart labs for digital skills and distance learning, overseas facilitation and job placement centres besides incubation centres for start-ups. The establishment of high-tech centres is expected to revolutionise the skills training sector while preparatory work for establishing these high-tech centres has been completed and the centres are expected to be fully operational by end of this year.