KU Alumni, Students Observe 'Youm-e-Jamia'

KU alumni, students observe 'Youm-e-Jamia'

The University of Karachi celebrated the 'Youm-e-Jamia' (University Day) by reliving the historic procession of one of the largest public sector universities on Friday

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jan, 2022 ) :The University of Karachi celebrated the 'Youm-e-Jamia' (University Day) by reliving the historic procession of one of the largest public sector universities on Friday.

The KU's alumni association--Unikarians International with the collaboration of the University of Karachi organized the event to welcome the fresh batch of students and their parents.

Mohammad Ahmed Shah the President of Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi was also present on this occasion.

The KU Students' Advisor Dr Syed Asim Ali briefed the audience about the history of shifting of the University of Karachi from the old location to the existing place. He also highlighted the importance of the day and shared moments from the glorious past of the varsity.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi welcomed the new entrants to the University of Karachi and hoped that they would play their role in the development of the varsity. He informed the audience that the University of Karachi is Pakistan's largest university and termed it as a mini-Pakistan. "Our campus represents the whole of Pakistan, it has people from every district of the country and with such diversity, and you will feel like visiting every part of the motherland and meeting every citizen." He said that 300 scholarships from Sindh Endowment Fund would be available for our students besides many scholarships like Higher Education Commission, Prime Minister Scholarship program called Ehsaas, and many others are available for the students. He also said that KU would provide the need and merit-based scholarships to its students.

KU VC Professor, Dr Khalid Iraqi shared that the KU had recently established a special fund known as Student's Admission Fund (SAF) for those students who could not afford to apply due to their financial conditions and we expanded the pool of the SAF to facilitate more students every year.

He mentioned that KU was also providing freeship to differently-abled students so that they could study free of cost at the University of Karachi. He advised the students to respect their teachers and cooperate with administrative staff and help the administration in making the campus clean and green.

The VC said that the Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah always considered education as a matter of life and death.

Meanwhile, the President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that a mobile phone had brought the whole world into our palms and it was up to us how to utilize it. Around 30-35 years ago, it took almost a month or two to receive books from foreign publishers but now thanks to the latest technology we could immediately access and download books from the internet.

He advised students to engage in positive activities besides studying on campus and also rather than wasting time on internet surfing.

Former KU VC Professor Dr Muhammad Qasir shared that the university had a name all over the world and its degree was respected all over the world.

President Unikarians International Professor Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi said that newcomers might not be aware of the fact that KU has a major role in their character building and after completing their studies these students would become useful members of society.

He mentioned that today, we had repeated the decades-old tradition of celebrating the foundation day of university, and when the students who are present here today, will remember this day throughout their lives as this is their new beginning, they will learn a lot during their studies and become more strong and confident after completing their degrees.

"You need to focus all your attention on education and the job of the university is to build your personality apart from education."