KU Hosts Seminar On “Our Land, Our Future” To Mark World Environment Day

KU hosts seminar on “Our Land, Our Future” to mark World Environment Day

The University of Karachi - KU Institute of Environmental Studies organized a seminar on “Our Land, Our Future” to mark the World Environment Day, at the KU Chinese Teachers’ Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Jun, 2024) The University of Karachi - KU Institute of Environmental Studies organized a seminar on “Our Land, Our Future” to mark the World Environment Day, at the KU Chinese Teachers’ Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday.

Addressing the event, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi observed that Karachi is a mega city and, it also become a cemented city, and that is why people are suffering from various problems and diseases. He said that we cannot protect our environmental surroundings without a proper system.

He mentioned that Pakistanis always put trash in the bin at abroad but never do the same when they are in their motherland.

Earlier, the KU Director IES Dr Muhammad Farrakh Nawaz said that two billion tons of solid waste and 380 trillion liters of wastewater are generated worldwide annually. He sensitized the audience that we have to conduct advanced research to find sustainable solutions to this rising problem.

He mentioned that since industrial development, our environment is continuously getting polluted and now 99 percent of the world’s population lives in places where the air is polluted.

According to WHO standards, air pollution in Karachi is twenty times higher than the permissible limit. He shared that Karachi generates 1200 tons of solid waste and 450 million gallons of wastewater daily which is directly impacting the environment and human health.

Dr Nawaz informed the audience that as the balance of the ecosystem is destroyed, the trends of global warming and climate change are more visible. The glaciers are melting and sea level is on the rise and many species of animals and plants are becoming extinct at a very high rate.

On this occasion, a well-known geologist, meritorious Professor Dr Jameel Hasan Kazmi highlighted the potential use of remote sensing (RS) and GIS techniques in the assessment of degradation, rehabilitation, and reclamation of degraded lands.

During his address, he presented several case studies and emphasized that if RS and GIS technologies were adapted by decision-makers, it would provide more resilience to Pakistani farmers to wrestle with desertification and droughts.

The KU Dean of Faculty of Science Professor Dr Mussarat Jahan Yousaf spoke about several available solutions to reduce environmental waste and convert that waste into useful products. She urged to take practical steps to deal with the challenges of climate change.

The KU Secretary Landscape and Gardening Council Dr Waqar Ahmad presented the campus’s plantation and biodiversity policy. He said that we should play our role to protect and establish the natural environment.

He narrated the success story of mangrove rehabilitation in Pakistan. The Coordinator of Click Project Muhammad Masood Alam highlighted the issues of environmental degradation like climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, global warming, and pollution in global and Karachi contexts. He highlighted how Karachi is being affected by these issues and which actions are needed to combat these issues.

The deans, directors, chairpersons, resource persons, faculty members, students, and representatives of several industries NGOs, and other organizations participated in this event. The event was organized in collaboration with Martin Dow, Soorty Enterprises, Islamic Relief, RajBy, AE enterprises, Multinational Export Bureau, MapCarto, Liberty, ORIC, SEPA, FEROZAN, WWF, VERTEX and started with a plantation activity at the KU Institute of Environmental Studies.