Lahore Zoo Becomes More Attractive After New Breeding


Lahore Zoo becomes more attractive after new breeding

LAHORE, Jan 5 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : The captive breeding of the animals has made the Lahore Zoo as one of the most attractive and historical recreational park because of a good variety of animals.

Addition of 13 lion cubs and many other baby animals increased beauty of the zoo during 2015-16 due to care and conducive environment of the park. It was stated by Director Lahore Zoo Shafqat Ali while talking to APP here on Thursday.

He said the sixth oldest established Lahore Zoo's management is fully committed to provide better environment to the 117 species of 1100 animals living in the park. "We are getting better results even having non-qualified but skilled staff," he added.

He said that after a gap of five years, the Zoo received first breeding of lions in 2012, adding that dozens of new additions in animals, reptiles and birds had been obtained due to better pairing and conducive environment with the support of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

He said "the Lahore zoo recieved Rs 600,000 by selling animals and birds, and also received a handsome amount in result of animal adaptation policy introduced by the management".

He said the Zoo had allocated Rs 25 million for purchase of new species during the year 2016-17 through its own resources while the government would also provide Rs 140 million for this purpose, adding that cages of giraffe, hobara and other rare animals would once again be filled soon.

Shafqat said that all the staff members were working hard to provide proper environment to the animals and birds, and in November with sudden slide in temperature, zoo authorities were responsible to introduce a slew of measures to keep the animals cosy.

He said the park authorities had arranged blankets, straw beds and vitamin supplements for the animals and heaters were being kept near enclosures of various animals. The director said that special care and diet are being arranged for the lions and other older animals in the zoo.

He hoped the park would achieve its revenue target of Rs 170 million during the fiscal year 2016-17 as it had generated an income of Rs 110 million in the first six months.