Lender Storms Borrowers Shop, 12 Injured

Lender storms borrowers shop, 12 injured

MUZAFFARGARH, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Jul, 2022 ) :A lender stormed borrowers' shop for not paying back interest money being pledged on original capital, leaving at least 12 people injured, police said.

According to the details shared, accused named Kala Mashoori shot at people belonging to Parhar clan and later started beating them with batons along with his unidentified number of accomplices.They left about 12 people including Ashraf, Shoeb, Hamza injured with identity of nine others couldn't be revealed by the police.

Mashoori was known for taking heavy interest on credit money and on Friday he resorted to physical violence for he couldn't receive the alleged amount from the borrowers, police said, adding that Mashooris were known as symbol of fear and the latest incident spread wide panic among people.

DPO Tariq Willayat, while taking notice of the incident, sent heavy contingent of police, which had arrested eight people hailing from Mashoori clan till filing of this report.

DSP Kot Addu, quoting the injured persons of Parhar clan, said that they had submitted the entire interest being pledged over the credit but the lender was demanding more.

Moreover, DPO Tariq said that anyone who takes law in hands would be dealt with iron hands.

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