Lesco Hits Consumers With Hours Long Load Shedding, Tripping As Rains Disturb Its Transmission System


Lesco hits consumers with hours long load shedding, tripping as rains disturb its transmission system

The consumers have to face the problem due to bad weather. Tripping, low voltage supply also caused loss to electronic appliances

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 16th April 2019) Electricity consumers in Lahore have faced worst tripping due to heavy rains and thunderstorm in the city.

The power went off in many areas for hours beside it was tripping and frequent power cut which caused damage to electrical appliances.

The Lesco officials said that over half of the power feeds went off due to bad weather in the city. They claimed that electricity was being restored in different areas and hopefully the situation will turn normal after few hours.

The areas of Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Town Ship, Baghwanpura, Mughal Pura, Walled City, Shahdra and others were without electricity for hours. The issue of low voltage also hit many areas disturbing the routine life activities of thousands of citizens.

Meanwhile, there are reports that consumers of Mepco, Fesco, Gepco, Iesco and other power distribution of companies were also facing issues of a frequent power cut, low voltage and consistent absence of electricity for hours.

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