Locals In SWA Receive Compensation Cheque For Damaged Houses

Locals in SWA receive compensation cheque for damaged houses

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Augst,2016) : Political administration of South Waziristan Agency has distributed Rs 14.7 million cheque among people who have returned to Sra Rogha tehsil after displacement due to military operation. Assistant Political Agent Ladha Naib Din distributed compensation cheque in a ceremony among owners of 250 damaged houses in the area, reported a private news channel. Locals who received the cheque for reconstruction of their damaged houses were of the view that they were happy over receiving this money as it would be helpful for them to start their lives normally again.

The administration said a survey in Sra Rogha revealed that 5,000 houses were damaged in the area during military operation. An amount of Rs2 billion has been released for reconstruction of these houses and its distribution has been continued for the last two months. The government is giving Rs400,000 cheque to the owners of completely damaged houses, while the owners of partly damaged houses are receiving Rs160,000.