Long Vehicles Parked Along Main Road Pose Fatal Accidents'


Long vehicles parked along main road pose fatal accidents'

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Augst,2016) : Queues of long vehicles, oil tankers and trucks along both sides of the single-main road of Industrial Trinagle Kahuta are swelling with each passing day due to mismanagement of factories and non-presence of the traffic police. The increasing trend of risky parking can cause fatal accidents any time as on one side of the busy road is the residential area consisting of schools and colleges, while the other is designated for factories. The industrial zone, which is spanning over six to eight kilometres from Swan to Kak bridge at the Kahuta road, has great significance as its one end touches the Grand Trunk road and the other Islamabad expressway.

It also links Azad Jammu and Kashmir with other parts of the country. Residents of the area have demanded of the Capital Development Authority and Islamabad Traffic Police for taking immediate notice of the situation to avoid any untoward incident.

Irfan Warraich, a resident of Model Town (Humak), told APP that nowadays he was feeling fear while passing through the giant vehicles parked along both sides of the artery, sometimes half on road, due to narrow passage for the two-way heavy traffic.

He said drivers preferred to park their vehicles on road, instead of a designated parking lot near the slaughter house, just because they knew that no one would come to check them. Zaheer Ahmed, another resident, said the management of factories, for whom the vehicles are bringing the goods and taking their products to the markets, should make proper parking arrangements to avoid inconvenience to the public. He was of the view that there should be regular deployment and patroling of traffic police personnel to ensure safe and smooth flow of traffic.