Medical Experts Ask To Avoid Substandard Foods


Medical experts ask to avoid substandard foods

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Augst,2016) : Health experts on Tuesday advised citizens to avoid substandard foods from makeshifts stalls to avoid from carrying infections in high-risk monsoon season.

Talking to APP, Dr Arif Majeed said that people should avoid to use oily and fried foods while substandard juices should also be avoided to buy from vendors. "Using oily food can be dangerous to health as they are cooked in an open environment, making them prone to various germs and infections.

He said that fresh juices from local vendors kept in open environment during rainy season is highly contaminable and prone to fatal infections. People should avoid drinking fresh juices from local vendors and use only homemade juices or beverages. A housewife Tehmina Ahmed said "My children forced me to buy fresh juice at a makeshift stall but I always refused this practice as it spreads various infections specially during these days.