Milk Lab-Non Functional


Milk Lab-Non Functional

PESHAWAR Jan 5 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : The first ever milk testing laboratory established by the KP government to counter the grave problem of adulteration in milk in Peshawar is still non-functional despite its inauguration by the district nazim one month ago as analyzing milk for human consumption continue to remain a dream for Peshawarities.

On December 1, 2016, the district Nazim Peshawar, Arbab Muhammad Asim had inaugurated the first ever state of the art milk testing laboratory at the office of Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Peshawar with a main objective to analyze scientifically the use of chemical, water or other harmful ingredients in milk.

The laboratory was stated to be one of modern milk testing laboratory of the country but it was still non functional despite passage of 35 days and all the claims of detecting water and other hazardous chemicals in milk thorough this facility have evaporated and provision of safe and quality milk to Peshawarities remained a dream.

The closure of the laboratory has added to the difficulties of officials of District Administration, Health and food Departments who were facing great difficulties to check and analyze milk samples collected from the market.

Zeshan Khan, a consumer told APP that people pinned high hopes on this facility to analyze milk sample besides obtaining reports on the same day but all our hopes were shattered due to non operation of the laboratory and the residents of Peshawar and Nowshera were left at the mercy of milk men.

Criticizing the PTI led government for leaving people at the mercy of milkmen, Misal Khan said finding of hygienic and pure milk was an herculean task in Peshawar who were exposed to drink unhygienic milk.

He said PTI led government failed to ensure provision of hygienic milk, meat and other commodities of lives at reasonable rate. "The price of per liter milk differs in City and Cantonment and milk was being sold on different rates ranging between Rs60 to Rs90 per liter in open market and the unchecked prices was a big question mark on the performance of PTI government," he said.

People of KP had made high expectations from PTI came into power on the name of change but problems of masses increased and prices of daily use items including milk had almost double during last three and half years in the province, he explained.

"What was the utility of the monitoring committees and actions of District Administration if the government could make not functional a milk testing laboratory," he remarked. Khan said milk owners association and packet milk industries besides the government should sit together and device a uniform policy and fixed prices of milk.

Special incentives should also be given to livestock growers to increase milk production, controlling prices of fodder, helping farmers to construct shelter houses for animals besides establishing dairy colonies for milk men in all major cities of the province.

Khan demanded of the PTI government to take cogent measures for making the laboratory functional, fix prices of milk besides controlling prices of milk in the province. APP/fam/vak/rn --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.