Minister Tarar For Increasing Revenue Of NHA


Minister Tarar for increasing revenue of NHA

ISLAMABAD, Sep 07 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Sep, 2023 ) :Caretaker Federal Minister for Communications and Railways Shahid Ashraf Tarar on Thursday stressed for increasing the revenue of the National Highway Authority (NHA).

The minister was chairing the 44th meeting of the National Highway Council (NHC). It was attended by senior officials from the Ministry of Communications, NHA, Finance Division, Planning & Development Division, and other relevant stakeholders.

The meeting discussed a number of important issues, including ways to beautification of motorways, and the pace of work on the construction of residential apartments for NHA employees.

Minister Tarar also directed to launch of a comprehensive media campaign for the implementation of hiked violation fines on motorways and national highways across the country.

He further said that the pace of work on the construction of residential apartments for NHA employees should be geared up.

He also desired to further improve the maintenance affairs of motorways and national highways and ensure maximum travelling and civic amenities on service and rest areas for the ease of the travellers.

He emphasized the beautification of motorway loops, which will ultimately improve environmental conditions and will be a practical step towards achieving an environmentally friendly road network in the country.

The meeting concluded with the assurance of all stakeholders to work together to improve the functioning of the NHA and ensure the smooth flow of traffic on national highways.