Mobile Vendors In 'Melody' Displaying Fruit, Vegetable Chaat Gripping Attention

Mobile vendors in 'Melody' displaying fruit, vegetable Chaat gripping attention

ISLAMABAD, Apr 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th Apr, 2021 ) :The vendors, in melody market, selling fruit and vegetable 'chaat' on their decorated hygienic 'mobile vans' adopting all Covid-19 safety measures with affordable prices are gripping the attention of buyers and providing substantial relief to the people.

Colourful pick-up vans loaded with fruit and vegetable Chaat, mostly owned by young men can be seen in every nook and corner of the market with people fondly purchasing from them.

A vendor talking to a private channel said that the mobile traders had given a tough competition to the shop owners in the capital these days by offering reasonable prices and quality food to consumers.

According to 'mobile vendors' in front of Save Mart Melody market, the shopkeepers are still selling Chaat at roadside and in small markets with unhygienic conditions which are leading to severe medical complications among citizens.

Many roadside vendors every year during the summer season do not cover food items, which attract flies and germs so the consumers should avoid uncovered food, however, Mobile vendors are taking all types of precautions and providing quality standard items to customers, said the vendor.

A citizen while lauding the mobile vans said that habits of traditional street vendors such as not washing their hands, not covering their hair, use of contaminated water, slime layer on the poorly cleaned utensil and improper handling of food should be brought under check by the legislation as we already feared about Covid-19.

She said these new Mobile pick-ups are taking all safety measures of Coronavirus and giving us an opportunity to enjoy 'Chat pati Chaat'.

Customers should avoid buying food from street vendors, and if they want to buy, they should ensure its hygiene, said a vendor.

Young vendors on Mobile vans have also displayed special instructions for citizens and advising them to wear face masks and use sensitizers while purchasing food from their vans.