Modern Agri Technologies Must To Improve Economy


Modern agri technologies must to improve economy

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22th july, 2016) : The government has taken effective steps for improving the country's economic outlook, food security and livelihood of its farmers by approving agricultural technology. This will enable production of more crops while using fewer resources and minimizing the impact of the environment, this was said by CropLife Asia's Dr Siang Hee Tan, and Ms Sonny Tababa- organization's executive director and biotechnology affairs director, respectively. They were talking to media at a briefing organized by Agriculture Journalists Association (AJA) here Friday. CropLife Asia which is a non-profit society has welcomed the recent decision of Ministry of Climate Change and the Ministry of National Food Security & Research Pakistan to allow farmers to choose genetically-enhanced corn seeds that will help them produce better crops and reduce overall environmental impact.

"As population continues to grow here in Asia and around the world, we look to our farmers to produce more food with less arable land, less water, and less impact on the environment," said Dr Tan. "It's quite a challenge, but it's one that we can meet and overcome together by utilizing the latest agricultural innovations, including plant science technology.

The Pakistan government is to be commended for taking this important step towards realizing a better future for their farmers and the nation's economy as well as improve the country's capacity to help meet the challenges of the growing world around us," he said.