MoHR,EU Launch "Young Expert Programme"

MoHR,EU launch

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Jul, 2020 ) :The Ministry of Human Rights has launched a "Young Experts Programme "across Federal and provincial human rights departments in Pakistan.

According to Press releases issued here on Monday the programme's aim to give passionate young professionals an opportunity to gain human rights specific knowledge, skills and expertise, whilst working with state institutions and independent commissions in Pakistan.

The programme is being launched under the Huqooq-e-Pakistan (European Union Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan) project, for the capacity development and institutional reform of human rights related state institutions in Pakistan.

The Young Experts Programme recruits inspired, talented and dynamic young graduates in the field of human rights through a rigorous and highly competitive selection process. The first cohort will comprise of 40 Young Experts (YEs) who will be engaged for a period of 12 months. Young Experts (YEs) will learn about Pakistan's legal system, domestic and international human rights obligations, and the processes and procedures of different state institutions and machineries. The programme will also enable the YEs to develop and strengthen their skills related to research, data analysis, policy and legislation, whilst bridging the capacity gaps of current institutions.

The programme is being inaugurated through an online orientation session organized for the first batch of the young professionals. Speaking at the inaugural session, Federal Secretary MoHR Rabiya Javeri Agha said, "The Young Experts Programme is a prestigious, innovative and progressive initiative that is the first of its kind in Pakistan. The youth possesses the passion, commitment and talent to greatly alter and strengthen the landscape of Human Rights in Pakistan.

By giving young graduates and professionals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Human Rights Institutions, we are laying the groundwork for a cohort of trained and sensitized professionals and future leaders that can positively impact and shape the process of Human Rights reform in Pakistan." In her introductory remarks during the orientation, EU Charg d'Affaires a.i., Anne Marchal placed this initiative in the wider perspective of the EU-Pakistan relationship, enhanced by the signature in 2019 of the Strategic Engagement Plan. "The partnership is all encompassing, covering a wide range of political, security, trade and cooperation issues, as well as energy and climate change. Human Rights and promotion of people-to-people contacts are equally part of that canvas where the Young Expert Programme fits perfectly well in that perspective."Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, referring to the programme stated, "The Ministry of Human Rights is working towards promoting a culture that recognizes the importance of educating and training the youth of Pakistan as the future leaders of our country. Pakistan has one of the largest youth demographics in the world, it is crucial we recognize that therein lies our most valuable asset. It is important to create opportunities for the youth to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to make an impact and bring about true change.

While the immediate benefits of the Young Experts Programme will be evident in terms of increased capacity of Human Rights Institutions and Independent Commissions, the long-term impact of investing in our youth is beyond measure ",she said