Most Marriages Between China And Pakistan Are Good: Chinese Diplomat Shares Video Of Happy Couple


Most marriages between China and Pakistan are good: Chinese diplomat shares video of happy couple

He said that illegal marriage brokers shall be punished, not brides and bridegrooms.

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 19th May, 2019) A Chinese diplomat serving in Pakistan while sharing a video of a happy Chinese-Pakistani couple claimed that China found no evidence of human trafficking.

Lijian Zhaom, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) of Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, shared the video of a Pakistan girl telling how happily married she is to her Chinese husband. The Chinese man is seen holding her in the video.

Sharing the video, the diplomat said that most marriages between China and Pakistan are good.

He said that illegal marriage brokers shall be punished, not brides and bridegrooms.

“These are lies Pakistani girls are trafficked to China for forced prostitution or sale of organs. We investigated and found no evidence,” he wrote.

The Federal Investigation Agency has launched a crackdown after Pakistani women reported that they were trapped into fake marriages by Chinese nationals.

China has been expressing support for Pakistan's crackdown on those involved in fraudulent transnational marriages. China has also sent a task force to Pakistan for law enforcement cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistani Missions in China are closely monitoring the situation and extending all possible assistance to Pakistani citizens who may have any complaints on the subject.

A spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad had earlier said, "If any organization or individual commits a crime in Pakistan under the banner of the cross-border marriage, China supports the Pakistani side to crackdown on it according to Pakistani laws."

The statement of the spokesperson however mentioned that several media reports were based on fabricated facts and were spreading rumors on linking illegal marriages with forced prostitution in China.

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