“My Stay In Davos City Is Sponsored,”: PM Imran Khan


“My Stay in Davos city is sponsored,”: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that stay in Davos is very expensive and he can’t spend public money for this.

DAVOS: (Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Jan-23rd, 2020) “Stay in Davos is very expensive and I don’t want to spend public money on it,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a gathering in Swiss city here on Thursday.

The PM said that his stay in Swiss city was sponsored by businessman Ikram Sehgal, vowing that they would bring the country to the right direction.

“The state institutions were so weak when they took over,” said PM Imran Khan, adding that “ And 15-months we spent so far in the government were so tough,. The PM speech was very motivational for many as he said that success was determined when a person knew how to live and survive in difficult times.

“There is no plan-B in success,” said Imran Khan, adding that “Burn the boats before setting on any journey,”. He further said that one must see a dream and then should work hard to turn that dream into reality as giving up was not an option.

“A man is tested when difficult time comes,” he further stated in a jam-packed gathering in Davos city. He invited the businessmen and world leaders to visit Pakistan and invest money there, convincing them by sharing the natural beauty and resources as well as the young generations.

The PM said that a proper strong government was necessary for a political setup as the successive governments left so much loan which was a big challenge for the current government. “Pakistan has huge potential to grow because it has been blessed with many resources,”.

He also shared his personal life as how and why he established Shaukat Khanum Hospital and what the services it was rendering to the public of Pakistan. He said he founded NAMAL University which awarded the degree of Brad Ford University to the students in Mianwali—a town in Pakistan. He stated that there was corruption but they would get the country rid of it.

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