NAB Chairman Says They Will Not Leave Looters, Plunderers


NAB Chairman says they will not leave looters, plunderers

NAB Chairman says no deal was made rather a time-limit was given to corrupt.

ISLAMABAD:(UrduPoint /UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News, 23rd Oct, 2019) National Accountability Bureau Chairmann Justice retired Javed Iqbal categorically made it clear that they did not make any deal rather they gave "dheel" (time) to the suspects involved in looting public money and and caused damage to the national exchequer.

NAB Chairman said that those people who used to think that they would never asked by anyone were now in the jails. "There is accountability for all and they would to maximum extent if anybody became hurdle in the way of accountability," said NAB Chairman Justice retired Javed Iqbal.

He expressed these views while addressing an event in Karachi.

The NAB chairman said that they never discussed politics with any senator or politicians because they had nothing to do with the politics.

"I and my department has nothing to do with politics and we are ready to face every kind of punishment if he or any officer of his department is found involved in the politics.

He said the situation in Pakistan was better now as compared to Pakistan and hoped that the time would come when the country would be corruption free. In the past, he said, it was very difficult to raise even a question but many people who were powerful in the past were now in the jails.

He also hinted about the builders and housing mafia in the country saying that strict action would be taken soon against all those who looted money of innocent people.

"No pocket with the coffin they will finally be wore; everybody has to go free hand from this world," said the NAB Chairman. He stated that the corrupt officials had nothing to do with the NAB. Howeverr, he said that there was huge need of improvement in the NAB.

"The NAB officials are getting good salary and if any officer thinks that he is strong and nobody can hold accountable he is wrong," he concluded.

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