NADRA’s Unique Feat


NADRA’s unique feat

Peshawar, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 23rd July, 2016) : NADRA’s hastiness became a torment for a family of Peshawar. 1 brother was declared as Pakistani citizen but the other as Afghan citizen.

NADRA blocked the ID cards of 36 people of the concerned family.

Two brothers, traders by occupation, resident of Shaheen Town, Peshawar, belonged from the same family but 1 brother is a Pakistan national but the other is declared as Afghan national by NADRA.

Brother having Pakistani citizenship is retired government employee. Both brothers are associated with trade practice. ID cards of 36 people from Afghan brother’s family have been blocked by NADRA including a former Councilor.

Families have not only had current record but also have transfer, licenses records of 1937. But NADRA stated in this regard, they must be Afghan national that is why their ID cards have been blocked.

NADRA’s unique feat