National Moot On Bio-Clean Fuels Energy Tomorrow


National moot on Bio-Clean Fuels energy tomorrow

ISLAMABAD, Feb 2 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Feb, 2020 ) :A one day national conference on Bio-Fuel Clean energy is going to be held on Monday (Feb 3) by the Petroleum Division in order to mull over strategies to shift on environment friendly fuel to reduce pollution and climate change impacts on the region.

Minister for Energy Omar Ayub Khan and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Nadeem Babar would be the chief guests at the Bio-Clean Fuels Conference being held at the OGDCL Auditorium, here, a press release said.

Pakistan was facing major environmental catastrophe due to climate change and neglect of cleaner or bio fuels. The present government, with Prime Minister Imran Khan leading from the front, had given environment and mitigating effects of climate change as a key policy concern.

Under the leadership of the prime minister, the country had announced a low sulphur policy, moving towards Euro 5, conversion of stubble into bio gas, sugar into ethanol and less reliance on bio diesel. Biofuels were derived from biomass such as algae, plant or animal waste as opposed to fossil fuels which include liquid and gaseous forms.

Pakistan greatly needs all these features where Bio-fuels would be a positive addition in country's fuel mix energy as we need to ensure that adequate supplies of oil and gas and fossil fuels could not be burnt alone as a single fuel.

The conference was being supported by the Petroleum Division and would feature some of the country's distinguished energy experts and panelists.

Secretary Petroleum would chair the concluding session.