NCGSA To Hold Fifth Space Summer School 2021 Next Month

NCGSA to hold fifth Space Summer School 2021 next month

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jun, 2021 ) :National Center of GIS and Space Applications (NCGSA) has planned to arrange its fifth Space Summer School (SSS) 2021 for all young Space Enthusiasts from July 12-16.

Space Summer School (SSS) is a specialized school/program designed specifically for school, college or university students to equip them with the wonders of space science, technology and its applications in an interactive manner.

According to an official source, SSS 2021 will be held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and would feature specialized talks on Space Technology and its Applications by professionals from academia and industry.

SSS 2021 will consist of interactive sessions in eight exploration tracks with emphasis on the applications of space technology and it will be free for space enthusiasts.

The experts will deliberate upon the topics including Environmental and Climatic Challenges: Solutions through space technology, Evolution of Flight: From Wright Brothers to Mars' Ingenuity, The Era of Cubesats: The Technology and Applications, Astronomy and Astrophysics: Contributions towards Planet Earth, Remote Sensing: The Bounties and Applications of Earth Observation and Geographic Information Science: Solution for Smart Communities.

The other topics will be UN Sustainable Development Goals: Achieving through Space Technology and Space Weather: The Unlimited and Unexplored Applications, Space for All: Women in Space Sector and Space education: Developing a Space Nation, the source said.

The space lovers of Age Group: Grade 8 or College or Undergraduate level can participate in the summer school while the last date for registration is June 30. The registration form can be accessed through

The Space Summer School aims to enlighten young minds with state-of-the-art technologies and research breakthroughs in space science and technology.

The curriculum gives the intellectual launch to participants for moving from core of the Earth to the layers of atmosphere with intricacies of flight and aviation.

The participants experience the technology behind the launch vehicles, rockets and launch facilities. The next academic learning is the development of satellites while exploring the size, technology and applications of various orbited satellites.

The school concludes with the visualization of astronomy, astrophysics and astrobiology domains and it also includes the talks by astronauts, subject matter experts and career counseling in the field of space technology.

It involves hands on activities, workshops, creative learning, artistic contributions, software simulations and hardware development. It also encompasses specialized space based competition named as "Dr. Abdus Salam Space Contest" along with competitions like Spellathon, creative writing and space arts.