Need Stressed To Plant Trees According To Area Climate


Need stressed to plant trees according to area climate

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th Aug, 2021 ) :There is a dire need to plant trees according to the climate of area as planting trees is tantamount to "right person for the right job".

These views were expressed by forest expert Professor Tahir Siddiqui while talking to APP on Wednesday.

He said the tree planting campaign under the 'Billion Tree Tsunami Programme' was in full swing across the country.

Explaining his views, Siddiqui said the same type of trees should not be planted in every part of the country.

He said that Whortleberry (Berry), Sirus (Shrin), Moringa (Sohanjana), Gum Arabic tree (Keekar), Senegalia (Phulai), date palm, Ash tree (Vaan), Jand and Tamarix tree (Farash) should be planted in South Punjab as these trees could bear dryness in the weather.

While in Central Punjab, due to the large number of canal system areas, Golden Shower (Amaltas) tree, Indian Rosewood (Sheesham), Java Plum (Jamun), Mulberry (Toot), Cotton Tree (Sumbal), Sacred Fig (Peepal) tree, Indian Lilac (Bakain), Arjuna and Assyrian Plum (Lasoora) could be planted.

The expert suggested that, in the North Punjab, trees of Orchid tree (kachnar), Senegalia, Kale, Walnut (Akhrot), Almond (Badam), Cedar (Dewdar), Oak trees should be planted.

He said that Eucalyptus (Sufaida) tree should only be planted where the soil was bad or barren due to over water so Eucalyptus should never be planted where there was less ground water.

Siddiqui said that Aquarius (Dallu) tree, Orchid tree, Whortleberry and Platanus (Chinar) trees were better to be planted in Islamabad and Potohar plateau.

He said that Date and Palm trees should be planted in the coastal areas of Sindh, whereas, Golden Shower, Turminilia (Burna), Neem, Royal Poinciana (Gulmohar), Java Plum, Sacred Fig, Ficus (Banyan) tree, Coconut and Ashoka tree is suitable for Karachi.

In the interior of Sindh, Gum Arabic,Whortleberry, Ash tree, Senegalia, Tamarix, Moringa and Australian Gum Arabic are the most suitable trees, said the forest expert.

He said that Conocarpus had been planted in Karachi which did not suitable for the climate of Karachi.

Siddiqui said that Pine (Sanobar) trees should be planted in Ziarat and apart from Ziarat, Balochistan was a dry mountainous region where Ash tree, Senegalia, Caparus (keer) tree, Bur Oak (Bur), Chilghoza Pine, Olive and Calotropis (Akk) tree should be planted.

He said that Rosewood, Cedar, Cottonwood (Poplar), Gum Arabic, Mullberry, Platanus and Pine trees should be planted in the KPK. Tahir Siddiqui said that Mulberry, Java Plum, Moringa, Golden Shower, Lilac or Neem trees should be planted in the houses.

He said that by planting these trees billion of rupees could also be generated for the country besidescontributing in the campaign Green Pakistan.