New Automotive Policy To Attract Investment, NA Informed


New automotive policy to attract investment, NA informed

ISLAMABAD (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -8th Sept,2016) : Parliamentary Secretary for Industries and Production Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan Thursday informed the National Assembly that the government has prepared a comprehensive automotive development policy to attract more investment in this sector and ensure quality of locally manufactured vehicles.

During the question-hour, he said some investors have already shown interest in the manufacturing of small cars.

He said that around 49,348 used cars were imported in the country in last fiscal year 2015-16, adding that under the trade policy 2015-18 maximum three years old cars are importable.

Mostly in Pakistan, he said used cars are being imported from Japan and these cars are E-IV and above with regard to emissions. Currently, he said, in Pakistan E-II emission standards are being followed, so there would be hardly any chance that these used imported cars will impact the environment.