New Plan For Gas Loadshedding In Mansehra:DC


New plan for gas loadshedding in Mansehra:DC

ABBOTTABAD, Jan 7 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 07th Jan, 2017 ) : Deputy Commissioner (DC) Iqbal Hussain on Saturday issued a new load management plan for Compress Natural Gas (CNG) filling station to provide maximum gas to domestic consumer in cold weather.

According to notification all CNG stations would remain close from 8am to 8pm in ordered to priorities domestic consumer of SNGPL.

Although 12 hours ban on CNG stations helped to overcome the low gas pressure in district Mansehra.

A week earlier, Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Limited (SNGPL) Hazara region has already notified a load-shedding plane for CNG filling station through which CNG stations would remain close on different times with effect from 5th January, 2017 to 1st February, 2017 due to low pressure of natural gas.