New York State Passes Resolution To Observe Feb 5 As Kashmir American Day


New York State passes resolution to observe Feb 5 as Kashmir American Day

The state assembly has become the first state by passing the resolution with majority of votes to mark the day in solidarity with the Kashmiri Americans.

NEW YORK: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 6th, 2021) New York State Assembly passed a resolution to observe February 5 as Kashmir American Day, the local media reported on Saturday.

The resolution to observe February 5 as Kashmir American Day was passed by a majority votes in New York State Legislative Assembly.

New York assembly has become the first assembly to recognize Kashmir American Day.

Now New York State will observe Kashmir on every coming Feb 5. It has provided both the American public with a greater awareness of their struggle and the Kashmiri diaspora community with a symbol of hope for the future.

However, it is a big humiliation of India which has unlawfully and illegally has occupied Jammu and Kashmir and has deprived Kashmiri people of their basic rights.

On Feb 5, Pakistan observed Kashmir Solidarity Day, with entire nation on the same page despite all political differences.

Huge rallies were taken out in all big cities and special gatherings and seminars were held to pay tribute to Kashmiri people for their struggle against Indian oppression.