Nine Law-breakers Including Three Renting Rules Violators Netted

Nine law-breakers including three renting rules violators netted

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) : Police under its drive against anti-social elements have netted nine law-breakers including three renting rules violators and recovered 2780 grams charras, 30 liter liquor and one pistol 30 bore with two rounds from possession of arrested accused, said a police spokesman on Wednesday.

He said, Pirwadhai police held Zahid Ullah and recovered 1350 grams charras while Muhammad Tahir was sent behind the bars on recovery of 1280 grams charras. Waris Khan police arrested Alam Zaib with 150 grams charras.

Saddar Baroni police nabbed Shoukat Masih for possessing 20 liter liquor. Rawat police also recovered 10 liter liquor from Rashid Habib. Rizwan Zafar was apprehended for carrying an illegal 30 bore pistol and two rounds.

Meanwhile, city police booked a tenant namely Janat Gul while Cantt police registered a case against hotel managers, Shahid Javed and Ashfaq Hussain on violation of renting rules.