Nonfunctional Street Lights Of Capital City To Replace With Solar Powered Lights Soon: Chairman

Nonfunctional street lights of capital city to replace with solar powered lights soon: Chairman

ISLAMABAD, Jul 9 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th Jul, 2021 ) :The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned to replace all non functional street lights with the latest solar powered lights soon to help save sufficient energy and provide environment-friendly atmosphere to citizens, Chairman CDA Aamir Ali Ahmad expressed these words in an interview aired on ptv news on Friday.

"CDA is doing maintenance work of street lights, improving sewerage systems, waste management and development of public toilets across all main areas of Islamabad", he said.

"Work on repairing old lights and installing the new solar lights at parks and streets would be completed to enhance the beauty of capital city", he added.

He said department is also installing colorful lights at various underpasses and bridges, adding, CDA has launched the work on stone pitching and sloping of nullahs which was neglected in past few years.

Replying to a query, the repair and rehabilitation work in Blue Area and IJP Road has already been started.

An interchange will be constructed at IJP road to overcome the flow of traffic where in the absence of an interchange, motorists are facing congestion due to prolonged wait at traffic signals, particularly during rush hours, he added.

Chairman said on the strict directives of PM Imran Khan CDA also planned to launch a massive afforestation campaign in capital in which flower and fruit trees will be planted and distributed free of cost among citizens.

He said the purpose of campaign is to encourage people, communities and civil society to collectively plant trees for creating awareness about benefits of trees, adding that CDA to distribute free of cost trees to schools and public offices.

Apart from planting saplings, the students in schools would get knowledge about the importance of trees and greenery in human life and improve the beauty of capital schools and offices with planting trees, he mentioned.

In another query, CDA is also paying attention to public transport in Islamabad and under the plan, a state of the art transport system will be provided to major roads particularly to the metro stations in Islamabad.

He said metro routs would be further increased and improve towards the areas of Bara Kaho, Tarnol and Rawat, adding, these routs not only increase the utility of metro bus service but will also entertain the general public at large.