Number Of Corona Patients In 3 Peshawar Hospitals Declining Significantly


Number of corona patients in 3 Peshawar hospitals declining significantly

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jun, 2021 ) :The number of coronary patients in three teaching hospitals in Peshawar has started declining significantly, a spokesperson of the Lady Ready Hospital Peshawar Muhammad Asim told APP here on Sunday.

Muhammad Asim said that the number of corona patients in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar is 82, 6 patients are admitted in ICU while 517 beds are allocated for corona patients in LRH.

He said, 106 beds have been allotted for corona patients in Khyber Teaching Hospital, 31 corona patients have been admitted in the hospital, 25 ventilators have been allocated for corona patients in the hospital, 10 patients in the hospital have intensive care on Bipolar and ventilators.

He said, at present 8 patients are being treated in HDU, 13 patients are being treated on Low Oxygen level, two patients have been confirmed dead due to coronary heart disease.

According to the spokesperson of HMC, the number of corona patients is gradually decreasing. In HMC, 204 beds have been allotted for coronavirus patients out of which 78 beds are undergoing treatment, and the total number of ventilators is 68 and 38 ventilators for coronavirus patients allocated.

He said 17 patients have been admitted to ICU, 3 new patients with corona virus have been admitted, 8 patients with coronavirus have been discharged after recovery, no expiration from corona virus on Sunday.