Ombudsman Takes Notice Of Grievances Of UK Based Pakistanis Against


Ombudsman takes notice of grievances of UK based Pakistanis against

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th August, 2016) : Federal Ombudsman has taken notice of complaints of Pakistanis living in United Kingdom against National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Hafiz Ahssan Ahmad Khokhar, Senior Advisor and Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis, to Federal Ombudsman Pakistan has taken cognizance of a complaint filed by Barrister Amjad Malik Chairman, board of Directors of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) and issued notices to NADRA and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, says a press release. The Chairman Board of Directors of OPF complained that NADRA has arbitrarily increased its charges for getting NICOP for Pakistanis living in UK from Aug 1, on the pretext of depreciation in pound, whereas there is no change in cost of visas and passport.

The Chairman OPF further complained that NADRA has also decided to cut down out-of-office mobile registration teams on assumption that people will avail online services. He said that this act of NADRA will flourish private organizations where the expatriate Pakistanis would have to pay for services and there would be serious issues of identity theft and frauds also.

The chairman while disclosing that there are about one million Pakistanis living in UK, alleged that actions taken by the NADRA would be additional hardship for the families especially with children particularly while traveling to Pakistan during summer holidays.

Chairman said expatriates were distressed that NADRA seems to consider its operations only to generate additional revenue. He also asserted that from national perspective, NADRA's focus should be on providing best services to overseas Pakistanis living in UK. This is a matter of thousands of overseas Pakistanis living in UK.

Hafiz Ahssan Ahmad Khokhar, Senior Advisor and Grievance Commissioner Overseas Pakistanis to Federal Ombudsman Pakistan has fixed the matter for hearing on 12.08.2016 at Ombudsman's Secretariat Islamabad.