Opposition Frustrated On Jam's Success, Balochistan On Road To Progress : BAP Leaders

Opposition frustrated on Jam's success, Balochistan on road to progress :  BAP leaders

Balochistan Awami Party's leaders have strongly condemned planning lawlessness at Balochistan Assembly by the opposition parties on the eve of annual budget presentation on June 18

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Jun, 2021 ) :Balochistan Awami Party's leaders have strongly condemned planning lawlessness at Balochistan Assembly by the opposition parties on the eve of annual budget presentation on June 18.

BAP warned the opposition, not to cross parliamentary, constitutional, democratic, moral and the limits of law, and respect cultural values and traditions of the province.

In a statement issued here on Monday, Ashraf Iqbal Baloch and other party leaders including Provincial President of BAP Ladies Wing, Ms.

Kashifa Gichki, Joint Secretary Quetta City, Muslimuddin Mengal said the opposition parties were frustrated and worried about their political future as Balochistan's Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani was very successfully running the province despite limited resources and many other challenges including those emerging from COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last three years, the province had witnessed visible improvement on social and economic fronts.

Many mega development projects/schemes had been completed and many others initiated or were in pipeline. And, all this process was being carried on need assessment basis and merit; with no political consideration.

They said unlike the past, under BAP government, everything was being done on merit and in transparent manner, and there was no room for corruption. That is why, the opposition parties were afraid of badly losing in next general elections and they had opted for Undemocratic and unconstitutional means to disrupt the government which was winning more support from the people with passage of time.

They claimed that many local leaders of the opposition parties along with their supporters had joined BAP which acknowledged Jam Kamal's best policies, good governance and deliverance.

They were of the view that Speaker Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo , being the Custodian of Assembly, had failed to play his due role in settling the issues between the opposition and treasury to escape the dirty situation damaging democracy and parliamentary process, besides bringing very bad name for Balochistan politicians in the world mainly among the people of the province who pinned high hopes to their elected representatives for their social and economic uplift.

They claimed that because of the best possible performance and services to the people, Balochistan Awami Party under the leadership of Jam Kamal was gaining popularity among the people of the province and had got recognition at the national level as well.

Paying rich tribute, BAP leaders said Jam Kamal Khan Alyani was a highly qualified, wise and very noble man along with good political and administrative experience -- starting with Nazim of District Lasbella , Federal Minister and now the Chief Executive of Balochistan. He was also complemented with glorious political history of his family spread over three generations. Jams had been ruling over the hearts of the people of Balochistan with their high character, being very polite, social and hospital to them in addition to very good deliverance to the province and to the nation. Through their high political qualities and acumen and bold standings on many issues very successfully guarding the interests of the province, this great family of Balochistan had proved them as unbeatable.

They said the Chief Minister and his team was always ready to sit on table with the opposition with open heat and high spirit of tolerance and co-existence to sort out and address their genuine grievances for the good of the people and the province. But, they maintained, the opposition was arrogant and un-yielding to get their unjustified demands accepted by force. They wanted huge funds out of the box in the name of development schemes in their Constituencies with no monitoring and accountability. This created apprehensions of misappropriation and non-rational utilization of developments funds, which the province was already short of.

" Over last four months, Jam Kamal had repeatedly invited Opposition MPAs to submit their proposed development schemes for incorporating in the budget on merit, but no response. They only want funds in their pockets," said Ashraf Iqbal Baloch, who is a senior politician from port city of Gwadar.

He said BAP government had presented the biggest budget (Rs 584.1 billion) of the province and it was welfare and development oriented with focus on health, education, market oriented skills trainings especially to the educated youth, infrastructure development including dams, industrialization, exploration of resources and job creation to bring real change in the life of the people.

The era of socio-economic uplift in Balochistan had started which would continue uninterrupted under BAP government with increasingsupport from the masses, he remarked adding that the budget was centered on inclusive growth and development of backward areas.

BAP leaders were also jubilant over the smooth passage of the budget 2021-22 on Monday.