Pak-Afghan Border In Chaman Area Remained Closed On Sixth Day


Pak-Afghan border in Chaman area remained closed on sixth day

CHAMAN,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -24th Augst,2016) : Pak-Afghan border in the Chaman area of Balochistan remained closed for sixth consecutive day on Wednesday as meetings held between officials of both the countries could not become fruitful.

The security forces closed the border after stone pelting on the border and burning of of Pakistani flag on last Thursday by the Afghan demonstrators. "We cannot tolerate slogans against our country and burning our national flag," said a Pakistani official deployed at border gate in Chaman.

Thousands of people and containers-mounted trailers stood at the Pak-Afghan border in Chaman. NATO supplies and cross border trade was also suspended. People were waiting for opening of the border.

The border gate on Pak-Afghan border was closed by the officials when local tribesmen of Chaman took out rally and torched effigy of Indian prime minister, Nerendra Modi in protest against his statements he issued on Balochistan situation.

Later, Afghan border forces allegedly arranged a demonstration along border in Afghanistan side against Pakistan. The demonstrators in Afghanistan side burnt Pakistani flag and raised slogans against Pakistan.

Official sources said that high-ups of the border forces of the two countries were in touch with each other and border would be reopened after receiving directive from the government.