Pakistan Poised To Benefit Denmark's Experience In Waste-to-energy: Amin


Pakistan poised to benefit Denmark's experience in waste-to-energy: Amin

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Oct, 2021 ) :Climate Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Tomas Anker Christensen on Wednesday expressed interest to learn from Pakistan's various green initiatives launched under the Prime Minister Imran Khan's vision for Clean Green and climate resilient Pakistan.

"The exchange of views focused on bilateral cooperation and joint working for the Danish government's interest for implementation of West-to-Energy and Renewable Energy projects to support the Prime Minister Imran Khan's government on climate action agenda", said PM's aide Malik Amin Aslam in a called on meeting with Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam.

Danish climate ambassador told the PM's aide that Danish government was highly appreciative of the inspiring vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for putting on a green path through green agenda, said a statement issued here.

He informed him that his government was also deeply impressed with the Clean Green Pakistan programme and various green projects initiated under the vision, specially one of the world's largest ambitious 10 billion Tree Tsunami Programme (TBTTP) Ecosystem Restoration Initiative for promotion of nature-based solutions, Protected Areas Initiative for conservation, livelihoods and protection of the environmentally-sensitive and biodiversity-rich wildlife areas, Olive Tree Tsunami Initiative and National Apiculture Programme, solar and wind energy projects, and introducing of e-vehicle policy.

The climate envoy also told the PM's aide that Denmark had taken note of Pakistan's ambitious green transition policies with the aim of integrating renewable energy, supporting sustainable and just development as well as mitigating and adapting to climate change.

However, the Danish government had decided to solidify, substantiate and strengthen our bilateral ties following the progress already delivered by increased trade between Pakistan and Denmark and within the current scope of EU GSP+ status and the EU strategic engagement plan with Pakistan, Climate Ambassador Tomas Anker Christensen.

He highlighted, "Our increased joint working under the green framework engagement is chiefly underpinned by our mutual interests, high ambitions and shared visions in a green and sustainable future for the planet including through private sector engagement and public-private partnerships.""Now my country's main thrust of future engagement is, beside others, theenergy-efficiency and green transition as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation in various socio-economic and environmental sectors as a part of the global climate action," he added.