Patriotic Citizens Exchange Love, Sentiments For Beloved Country Through Social Media Platforms


Patriotic citizens exchange love, sentiments for beloved country through social media platforms

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Aug, 2019 ) :With other celebration of Azadi day all across the country, scores of patriotic citizens take full advantage of social media platforms and exchanged their love sentiments for their beloved country with posting and sharing 'Independence day' celebrations messages, Quotes and Patriotic songs with their loved ones.

Pakistan's Independence day was celebrated with utmost enthusiasm on social media as people from all walks of life including kids, youth, political personalities and old ones have displayed their affection for the country through 'Azadi Posts and special Quotes.

According to Enthusiastic citizens of country, Independence and freedom were two things that are cherished by people all around the world including Pakistanis and social media become a attraction for the people specially youth to share their sentiments for country and raise the voice for the Kashmiri' Rights through their posts to show love and affection for Pakistanis and Kashmiris as well.

#AzadiMubarak to all my fellow Pakistanis and Pakistan always stands with Kashmiri people for their rights, said a student of MBA while sharing a post on Twitter with her sentiments.

A group of students commented this year , social media is turning into a sea of red to express their solidarity with the people of Kashmris, as ongoing atrocities continue in the region.

Hashtags such as #Kashmir, #Bleed Kashmir, #StandWithKashmir have been gaining traction on social media by users to bring more awareness of the situation on Independence day celebrations.

Hoorain Ali a Instagram user said , we need to bring awareness among youth that Kashmir has been in a bad condition for decades but congrats to our citizens on Azadi day that they got Independence day.

A social activist Samina Rehman said , social media is a powerful tool that breeds a new wave of activism. It plays a monumental role in bringing social change in society.

Social media creates new avenues for dialogue, connection, and community, enabling us to engage with more people in a wide variety of ways for social good and share our sentiments with our beloved country on special occasions like Independence day.

A 45 year old teacher commented that there is no doubt that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are fantastic tools that can be used to engage people in social good and we can remember our history through sharing old memories of Pakistan through sharing social media posts on Azadi day .

These sites allow people to share ideas, advocate and fundraise to solve pressing societal issues. Through online platforms and communities, individuals can add their voice to a cause more easily than ever before and become an agent of change, Jeveria said.

In old days, people used to do protests on roads to bring attention to an issue. But in this modern world, roadside protests have been reduced and the people especially the youngsters are shouting their voice for Kashmir and support through hashtags on social media websites, said Iftikhar Javed.

August in Pakistan brings a lot of green and white in the country as we being celebrated our Independence Day with posting and sharing Quaid Quotes on social websites.

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