PCG Foils Narcotics Smuggling Attempt, Recovers 615 Kg Hashish


PCG foils narcotics smuggling attempt, recovers 615 kg hashish

KARACHI, Jan 5 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) seized huge quantity of fine quality hashish, foreign brand liquor and beer cans from general area Sir Dasht near Pasni Airport and Nalient (Balochistan).

The PCG personnel conducted raids following credible information from intelligence sources about the smuggling of narcotics and liquor, said a press release here on Thursday. During the search some 615 kilograms fine quality hashish was recovered from the general area of Pasni Airport while 40 bottles of foreign brands liquor and 75 cans of beer dumped under the sand at Nalient near Coastal Line were seized.

Approximate value of seized items in the international market is Rs 11 million. Further investigation and legal process is underway.