People From Different Walks Of Life Express Solidarity With The People Of IIOJK

People from different walks of life express  solidarity with the people of IIOJK

Citizens of Karachi, representing different walks of life here on Thursday expressed their absolute support for right to sovereignty of the inhabitants of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK)

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Aug, 2021 ) :Citizens of Karachi, representing different walks of life here on Thursday expressed their absolute support for right to sovereignty of the inhabitants of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Talking to APP they did acknowledge efforts put in by the Pakistan government to internationalize the unfolding situation and were of unanimous opinion that the cause of IIOJK people must be raised collectively as well as in individual capacities by every Pakistani.

According to them, the plight of brave and resilient population being subjected to usurpation of their legal entitlement through unlawful annexation of their homeland by the oppressors, in this case being Indian government on this day two years ago, must not go unnoticed by anyone in this world.

"Situation in IIOJK reflects massive violation of civil as well as human rights in the modern day world," said senior lawyer Zia Ahmed Awan.

Regretting that the intensity of situation is yet to be fully recognized by many in parts of the world where there exists little tolerance for such issues, he said this reflected the massive polarization leading to a situation where plight of people struggling for their right to self determination is being overlooked due to political considerations.

"This is indeed high time to express solidarity with the people of IIOJK in the most vociferous as well as efficient manner and at every level," said the lawyer, also a known human rights activist.

Supplementing him Dr. Qamar Jahan, a senior researcher and analyst was of the opinion that in the present day global village many were connected through internet to people scattered across the globe, right from first to third worlds.

Emphasizing relevance of understanding of the issue by the people in general across the world, she said that people in the developed world were extremely sensitive about such issues and generally do not stand for unfair actions as had been taken and sustained by India in absolute violation of international rules.

"Social media can definitely be utilized as a tool," said Dr. Jahan urging students as well as other conscientious citizens of the country to contribute towards the cause raising awareness about the plight of IIOJK inhabitants.

"This can definitely contribute in bringing about the needed change in the perception of the world towards issues related to Palestine and Kashmir in a subtle but deep rooted manner," the researcher said.

Lawyer Zia Ahmed Awan referred to importance of professional bodies that being chapters of international organizations could approach their counterparts and convince them to adopt joint resolutions besides initiating virtual conferences on the issue.

"Since members of these professional bodies are highly educated, absolutely alive to the issues and well versed in terms of rules and regulation hence can initiate and sustain meaningful dialogue with all chances to effectively convince their counterparts towards issues that are genuine and actually affecting lives and well being of population being suppressed and snatched away of their right to freedom and self determination," elaborated the activist.

Awan said forums in forms of regional and international bodies of parliamentarians, judges, amnesty and others could be used to supplement national efforts to generate support for the people of IIOJK.

"Joint virtual sessions can be simultaneously held and resolutions in support of the oppressed can be held," said Awan. reiterating that this was an intervention that could always be further fine tuned to make the difference.

Senior political economist Dr. Shahida Wizarat said the fight of the people of IIOJK were not their fight alone but actually they were fighting region's strategic war.