PM Says US Is Wrong If It Thinks India Can Contain China

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PM says US is wrong if it thinks India can contain China



Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the US that India is threat to neighboring countries including China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and others, pointing out that the whole region is hotspot which could flare up anytime.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Oct 31st, 2020) Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the US was wrong if it thought India could contain China.

The PM said that the whole region was a hotspot that could “flare up at any time”, and asked the US to treat it in an “evenhanded” manner.

Imran Khan also expressed serious concerns over India’s barbarism in the part of Kashmir that was under illegal control of India.

“US is under impression that India could limit the influence of China but this is wrong,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan duirng an interview German magazine Der Spiegel.

Prime Minister said: “India is a thraet to its neighbors including China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and to Pakistan,”. He pointed out that Modi government was the most racist government in the sub-continent.

“The governemnt in India is the most extremist racist,” said the PM pointing out that this present Indian government was inspired by the Nazis in the 1920s and 30s,”.

Islamabad, the PM said, expected evenhanded threatmetn from the US about India. He stated that India especially with the dispute in Kashmir.

During interview, Imran Khan said that the writings of the

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and everything would be clear. RSS, he said, was intellectual forerunner of PM Narendra Modi’s party.

“They openly admired Hitler. The Nazis watned to get rid of the jews while India wanted to get rid of Muslism,” he added.

Commenting over US elections, the PM stated that Trump was an unpredictable politicians as he was not a normal Muslim. He stated Joe Biden was going ahead in the opionon polls.

“Trump always plays by his own rules,” he added.

He also talked about his own party and said that he established own political party and built it into the biggest party in Pakistan over 22 years.

He stated that he had to think out of the box, pointing out that they were the first to rely upon social media and the first to attract the youths to rallies.

“One day, we must be unorthodox, and in some ways, Trump does that too,” said the PM.

He also talked about peace deal in Afghanistan.

“Over 2.7 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, we have a certain amount of leverage, which we used to the utmost,” said the PM, adding that he was happy that thye succeeded.

He stated that Pakistan had nothing to do with 9/11 and it should not have involved in war in Afghanistan. But he expressed hope that the peace process was going smooth now.

“The things are going in a direction,” said Imran Khan, adding that no one could predict which way things would go in Afghanistan at this moment.

“Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan, because we have lost 70,000 people in this conflict, and our tribal areas adjacent to the Afghan border have been devastated in the last 15 years,” he added.

He also talked about inflation and the strategy of his governemnt to deal with Covid-19 in the country. In his interview, he also talked about freedom of press in Pakistan.

“Press is more free in Pakistan than Pakistan,” said the PM while responding to a question about coverage of military forces. He gave example of England while elaborating his point of view about freedom of press in Pakistan.

“ I won a defamtioin case against an English cricket star and the reason was that defamatioin laws there were very strong,” said Mr. Khan.

However, he said, such slander laws were not there in Pakistan. He stated that he went to court for justice but coud not get it after he wrongly slandered as prime minister.