Police Arrest 13 Anti-social Elements


Police arrest 13 anti-social elements

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Dec, 2022 ) :Rawalpindi District Police on Thursday managed to net 13 outlaws including drug peddlers, bootleggers, illegal weapon holders and recovered 2340 grams charras, 35 liters liquor, four 30-bore pistols, a 12-bore rifle, one rifle 8mm, ammunition, 10 stolen goats, 1157 wheat flour bags and other items from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Pirwadhai, Race Course, Bani, and Wah Cantt police held Syedullah, Aqeel, Arslan, and Amir and recovered 2340 grams charras and 34 liters liquor from their possession.

Rawat police managed to arrest two thieves namely Mazhar and Fakhar and recovered 10 stolen goats worth hundreds of thousands from their possession.

The food Department Rawalpindi and district police in an operation here on Thursday foiled a bid to smuggle wheat flour, arrested Murtaza Khan and seized 1167 bags, he added.

Pirwadhai, Sadiqabad, Taxila, Saddar Baroni and Rawat police held Khurram, Arif, Wajahat, Israr, islam and Asad Ali on recovery of four 30 bore pistols, a 12-bore rifle, one 8mm rifle and ammunition.

Meanwhile Rawalpindi district police in their crackdown against professional beggars netted 45 beggars from different areas on Thursday.

SSP Operations appreciating police performance directed the police officers to accelerate ongoing operations against drug peddlers, bootleggers, illegal weapon holders and other lawbreakers.