Police Arrest 15 Lawbreakers Including Two Sound System Ordinance Violators


Police arrest 15 lawbreakers including two sound system ordinance violators

RAWALPINDI, Jan 2 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) :- Police on Monday arrested 15 lawbreakers including two violators of Punjab Sound System Ordinance besides recovering 3080 grams charras, 10 liter wine, 14 bottles liquor, three pistols 30 bore with three rounds, a 9mm pistol with 14 rounds and a 12 bore gun from their possession.

According to spokesman of Rawalpindi police, R.A.Bazar police held Nadir for having 530 grams charras. Civil Line police netted Sher Khan and recovered 1150 grams charras while Tahir was sent behind bars on recovery of 250 grams charras.

Wah Cantt police apprehended Shamsher for carrying 1150 grams charras. Bani police recovered three bottles liquor and nabbed Daniyal. Four liquor bottles were also recovered from possession of Anwar.

Wah Cantt police seized 10 liter wine and arrested Nadeem. Rawat police conducted a raid and rounded up Farhan with six bottles liquor. Other accused were sent behind bars for having illegal weapons and liquor. Meanwhile, New Town police rounded up Khalid Hussain and Sheikh Idrees on violation of Punjab Sound System Ordinance.