Police Arrest 17 Lawbreakers; Recover Weapons, Drugs, Liquor

Police arrest 17 lawbreakers; recover weapons, drugs, liquor

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jul, 2019 ) :Rawalpindi police have arrested 17 lawbreakers and recovered 3190 grams charas, 80 liter liquor, 14 bottles liquor, 3 pistol 30 bore with eight rounds from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Sadiqabad police rounded up Tahir for holding 1370 grams of charas, Civil line police arrested Muhammad Ali with 1220 grams of Charas, Jatli piolice apprehended Bilal with 600 grams of charas, Ganj Mandi Police held Musthtaq and seized 5 liter liquor, Waris Khan police arrested Sharafat and seized 5 liter of liquor, Saddar Wah police held Amir for having 10 liter of liquor and Waqas on recovery of 10 liter liquor, Gujar Khan Police held Khizer and seized 10 litre liquor, Jatli police rounded up Shakoor on recovery of 10 litre liquor.

Meanwhile, Saddar beroni police held Ramas with 10 litre liquor, Chontra police arrested Adil after recovering 10 litre liquor and Dilshan with 10 litre of liquor, Civil Line police apprehended Waqas and seized 4 bottles of liquor , Cantt police held Nouman for holding 1 pistol 30 bore with 5 rounds , Westridge police held Hamza for having 1 pistol 30 bore while Jatli police arrested Anser for having 1 pistol 30 bore with 3 rounds.

Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigations was underway.

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