PPP Govt Neglecting People Of Karachi: Haleem Adil Sheikh


PPP govt neglecting people of Karachi: Haleem Adil Sheikh

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Sep, 2021 ) :The Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Wednesday reproached PPP government for neglecting people of the Karachi and not resolving their basic problems like water, sanitation and infrastructure development.

Speaking to media persons during visit of his electoral constituency PS-99, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that Federal government had transferred Rs 8900 billion to Sindh government in 13 years but funds were not utilized for development and welfare of the people.

PS-99 comprised industrial as well as residential localities which contribute billions of rupees in national exchequer as taxes and duties but people were deprived of basic facilities, he said adding that water tankers not the taps were the source of water supply in the area like many other localities of the Karachi and people of the area particularly women and children seen carrying cans and standing in queues for getting water.

He while reiterating his commitment to unveil the faces of corrupt elements said that Sindh Chief Minister and his team would be made accountable of their negligence and corruption and embezzled amount would be recovered and spent on the people.

Haleem Adil Sheikh stressed on Sindh government to provide the masses potable water, sanitation roads and other facilities otherwise people would stage a sit in outside chief minister house and would not let them escape of accountability.

Sheikh while referring to statement regarding rain and water, asked Bilawal Bhutto that "can he explain that why water was only available through tankers and not in taps" "The simple answer is corruption in the Water board and kick backs by tanker mafia," he added.

Haleem alleged that mafias were at large in Karachi and all the bribed money was going to Bilawal house and CM house.

"The defected chairman and corruption infected CM had imposed a rejected administrator on Karachi and their inefficient team turned the metropolis in a garbage bin," he observed.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that Karachi's contribution in total revenue generation of the country was 70 % while 90 percent of the provincial expenses were collected from the metropolis but PPP's provincial government spends only 3% of the resources in the city.

The federal government wanted development in Sindh like other provinces of the country and provides funds for the purpose but Sindh government did not spend the same on people, Haleem said adding that when federal government intended to carry out development schemes at its own the provincial government refuse to issue NOC in the name of 18th amendment.

He said that Rs 35 billion were spent on cleaning three major disposal drains of Karachi to save the city from urban flooding but garbage has started accumulating in Gujjar Nullah again due to negligence of relevant departments. He accused Sindh government of not fulfilling its task of cleaning 50 small drainage nullahs of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and 500 drains of District Municipal corporations.

Under the Rs 1100 billion Karachi package, federal government has expedited K-IV project to ensure supply of clean water to citizens while Green line bus service was expected to start in October, Haleem Adil Sheikh further informed,adding out of Rs 475 billion Sindh government had not spent a penny in the metropolis and nor a single road neither a drain was constructed.

The leader of the opposition said that he had written a letter to the Chief Secretary for initiating inquiry into Mehran town factory fire incident. Apparently, SBCA, departments of Local government, Labour, and Environment were responsible of the incident, he said and accused that blue eyed boys of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who were heading those departments were responsible as they were not disposing of their responsibilities honestly and only earning money for their boss.

He further alleged that administrative officers had become personal servants of Bilawal Zardari and Murad Ali Shah and they were not disposing off their responsibilities honestly as well. To have a check on prices and mafias was their duty but they have marred their reputation by serving the interests of corrupt provincial government instead of masses, he asserted.