Practical Measures Being Taken To Deal With Dengue At Panahgahs: Naseem

Practical measures being taken to deal with Dengue at Panahgahs: Naseem

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Nov, 2021 ) :A daily uptick in dengue cases in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has moved the Panahgahs' management to take needful measures to prevent outbreak of the communicable disease at the pro-poor facilities crowded with an advent of harsh winter season.

"Half a dozen shelter homes (Panahgahs) are being fumigated regularly in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in order to deal with Dengue mosquitoes in an effective way," Prime Minister's Focal Person on Shelter Homes Naseem ur Rehman told the media after his visit to a facility at G-9 Sector, Peshawar Morr, Islamabad on Sunday.

The Focal Person said he had held face-to-face interactive session with service providers and dwellers at all the facilities of both the cities to apprise them about the preventive measures required to protect those places from becoming breeding places of mosquitoes.

He said clear instruction have been issued to ensure removal of stagnant water from the facilities, in addition to make them neat, clean and hygienic places.

"Our mission is not only to provide good shelter and food to the poor workers staying at the Panahgahs, but also protect them from epidemics and pandemics and seasonal diseases," he said while mentioning the campaign 'Promoting Healthy Lives' launched since the emergence of coronavirus pandemic.

He said the campaign was carried out every month with every week was dedicated to a particular theme including cleanliness , healthy life, health screening and anti-tobacco.

Under the first week, Naseem said a massive campaign was launched to clean all the facilities. Sensitization of dwellers and service providers about cleanliness was also made sure with active participation of community, civil society and officials of health department.

During the second week, he said dwellers were told about important principles of healthy life including hand-washing, maximum of use of water, hygienic food and others.

The Focal Person said health screening of dwellers with pre-existing health condition was carried out during the third week, while under the last week, they were sensitized about effects of use of tobacco on their health.

"This cycle ensures every month to transform the Panahgahs into the centres of excellence in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan who stresses on providing all the basic facilities to the poor people under one roof," Naseem remarked.

The people staying and having dinner and lunch at the facilities also expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by the Panahgahs management to protect them from epidemics and pandemics.

"Panahgah is a blessing in the winter as I feel at home while staying here due to availability of all kinds of services from food to health here," said Haibatullah Khan at the Peshawar Morr facility.