Process Of Sacrificing Animals Continues On Second Day Of Eid Ul Azha


Process of sacrificing animals continues on second day of Eid ul Azha

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Jun, 2024) The process of sacrificing animals was also witnessed on the second day of the Eid ul Azha across different areas of the city.

The citizens especially in urban areas who could not manage butchers on the first day succeed to hire services of the butchers on the second day. However, the charges of the butchers also dropped significantly on the second day.

On the first day of Eid ul Azha, the butchers were found charging an average Rs 20,000; however, on the second day, the charges remained nearly Rs 10,000. Similarly, the charges of the butchers on the first day for small animals were Rs 6000 (average) however, on the second day, they charged nearly Rs 3000.

Citizen named Khalid talking to APP remarked that he could not find a butcher on the first day because of non-availability. However, he easily availed the services of the butcher on the second day.

Malik Tariq Jandran, another citizen, stated that he managed to slaughter small animal by himself. However, on the second day, he hired the services of the butchers for slaughtering of his three big animals at his native village.