Propertiy Of Sukkur Church To Be Protected From Builder Mafia: Bishop


Propertiy of Sukkur Church to be protected from builder mafia: Bishop

HYDERABAD, Jan, 2 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) : Bishop Kaleem John of the Diocese of Hyderabad, Church of Pakistan has demanded the high ups of the Federal and provincial governments to protect the property of Sukkur Church what he claimed from builder mafia and provide due security to mission compound.

Addressing a news conference here at Hyderabad Press Club on Monday, Bishop Kaleem John said that as a chairman of the Diocese of Hyderabad Church of Pakistan, he was responsible to look after the properties of all churches and missionary institutions of Sindh except Karachi.

He said that Christian community had also rendered great sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan and always struggled for the progress and prosperity of the country along with others, however he was of the view that anti-state forces were trying to create misunderstanding among the people of other religions.

He alleged that grabbing of the property of Sukkur Church by builders mafia wass also one of the conspiracies to create instability among the minorities. He observed that the Diocese of Hyderabad Church of Pakistan had already obtained favourable decision in its favour from court of law but the said mafia was always threatening to the residents of the Church compound to vacate the property.

Bishop Kaleem John has appealed to President, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader of National Assembly, Governor Sindh, Chief Minister, Chief Justice Sindh High Court and minorities members of the National and provincial assemblies to take notice of such act of builder mafia and restrained their activities so that the minorities could feel themselves secure in the city.