PTI Clean Sweeps Election 2018 In Rajanpur

PTI clean sweeps election 2018 in Rajanpur

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf candidates swept the elections 2018 by defeating their rivals including political heavy weights.

RAJANPUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Jul, 2018 ) :Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf candidates swept the elections 2018 by defeating their rivals including political heavy weights.

According to the unofficial results declared by Returning Officers concerned, the ballot contest left former deputy speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani, an independent, far behind the PTI candidate Sardar Jafar Khan Leghari in NA-193 constituency. Jafar Leghari claimed 81149 votes while Gorchani was runner up with 46693 votes. PPP nominee Shazia Abid secured 27170 votes.

In NA-194, PTI nominee Sardar Nasarullah Khan Dareshak and independent Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman Dareshak went through a good contest with former appeared triumphant with 73,225 votes against 64,565 votes bagged by Dr. Hafeez.

In NA-195, Sardar Riaz Mahmood Khan Mazari of PTI won convincingly with 89,796 votes against PML-N nominee Sardar Khizar Hussain Mazari (68,872 votes).

PTI nominees also won all the five Provincial Assembly seats in Rajanpur.

PTI's Muhammad Mohsin Leghari also defeated former deputy speaker Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani by a margin of over 11000 votes in PP-293 constituency. Leghari bagged 45047 votes while Gorchani was runner up with 33,454 votes. PPP's Sibtain Sarwar stood third with 15642 votes.

In PP-294, PTI's Sardar Husnain Bahadur appeared returned with 41,539 votes against the independent Athar Hassan Khan Gorchani who bagged 26490 votes. Third berth again went to PPP candidate Nasarullah tareen with 17766 votes while PNL-N district president Sardar Hussam Javed Khan Gorchani was fourth in the line with 4221 votes.

In PP-295, PTI candidate Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dareshak bagged 48549 votes defeating Sardar Pervaiz Iqbal Gorchani (37135 votes), the father of former Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani.

PTI candidate Sardar Muhammad Tariq Khan Dareshak defeated independent Sardar Muhammad Yousuf Dareshak by a convincing margin in PP-296 constituency. PTI candidate claimed 42119 votes while Yousuf Dareshak bagged 27090 votes.

PTI's Dost Muhammad Khan Mazari secured 56113 votes defeating PML-N candidate Sardar Atif Khan Mazari (37135 votes).

It may be noted that Sardar Jafar Khan Leghari, Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman Dareshak, Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani, Sardar Tariq Khan Dareshak. Sardar Atif Khan Mazari had contested elections 2008 and 2013 from the PML-N platform. Sardar Jafar Leghari, and Dr.

Hafeez Ur Rahman Dareshak had become MNAs in 2013 while Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani had won MPA seat and became Deputy Speaker in Punjab Assembly. However, Sardar Tariq Khan Dareshak had lost the 2013 elections but ascended to victory in 2018.

Sardar Jafar Leghari and Sardar Tariq Dareshak had left PML- N to join PTI few months ago. Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman Dareshak and Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani were PML-N candidates but they chose to surrender PML-N ticket and contested 2018 elections as independents. Former Prime Minister Sardar Mir Balkh Sher Khan Mazari, Sardar Nasarullah Khan Dareshak, his son Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dareshak, and supporters had also joined PTI sometime ago from Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz platform while his another sonBarrister Ali Raza Khan Dareshak was already in PTI.